BCDEA Grants


The BCDEA is offering a total of $2500 in grants to its members, in order to further dance education in British Columbia. The aim of providing the grants is not to fund individual professional development or to subsidize existing district- or school-based funding; rather, our vision is to aid individual teachers engaging in processes that will benefit a larger network of dance educators and students. Generally, this will mean research into a concept with a resulting document that will be used by other teachers. We are looking for a plan that has potential to impact a breadth of teachers and/or students. Suggested ideas include:

  • Applying a particular area of research via a unit plan (for example, integrating social justice concepts or aboriginal culture into dance units).

  • Developing a teachers’ guide for a particular set of strategies, processes, or other big ideas (for example, coordinating/planning for a large-scale dance initiative such as Vancouver’s “Pink Project”).

  • Creating an assessment tool or a collection of related assessment tools (for example, strategies & materials for assessing students of a particular grade level based on BC Fine & Performing Arts learning outcomes).


Your product may be the result of completely new work that you are undertaking, or it might be something you already do that you decide to refine and publish. All applicants are expected to submit original work. Any inspirations or references should be cited.


Successful applicants will be required to submit a written product as a result of their work, which can be shared with other dance educators. For instance, if the goal of the initiative was to produce a particular teaching resource then that will be the submitted document. The shareable document will be published to the BCDEA newsletter, listserv, and/or website (members-only section), along with TeachBC, the BCTF’s online resource sharing site.


Applications are due November 30, 2016 for funds to support work planned for 2017. Applications will be assessed and grant recipients notified by December 31, 2016. Final documents must be submitted by September 30, 2017. Funds will be disbursed at the time of resource submission.


Requirements for application (please restrict each document to a maximum of 1/2 page):

  • Must be a member of the BC Dance Educators’ Association

  • 2016-2017 Grant Application Form

  • Rationale for funding request

  • The proposed results of your initiative: what the shareable document is that you will be submitting once your work is completed, and the breadth of its impact on teachers/students around BC

  • Budget:  your proposed time costs (including timeline and estimated time to be spent on the project) as well as specifics of any associated financial costs


Actual dollar amounts awarded will be assessed on an individual basis.

*** A final reminder that this grant is not intended to simply fund individual professional development, program costs, etc. Rather, there must be a clear benefit to other BCDEA members and their students.

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