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Friday October 20

  • 9:00-10:15 Pow-Wow (all grades) - Shyama-Priya

    • From slow to fast, from simple to intricate, every step is to match the beat. I will bring some pieces of my regalia​ to show what is worn typically with the style of dance I do. These steps can be taken and incorporated into other dance routines as well as used as a way to work out. We will also touch on our responsibility in taking care of our spiritual, mental, and physical well-being through movement.

  • 10:45-12:00 Integrating Movement with Children's Literature (K-7) - Cheryl Kay

    • Let's get children moveing actively using children's literature.​

  • 12:30-1:45 Hip Hop (all grades) - Liz Vaesen

    • This workshop will include learning the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance including a brief history, basic foundational grooves and party dances. This class is suitable for elementary or secondary teachers.​

  • 2:15-3:30 Kinesthetic Empathy Through Dance​ - Donna Redlick

    • How can we teach children, and each other, to ‘tune-in’ as we move together? How do we come to understand how to shift our bodies in space while attuning to other(s)?  Kinesthetic empathy, as a way to invite one to dance in relationship, is the topic of this workshop. This is an active class for all, dancers and non-dancers. Come prepared to move.

  • 3:45-5:00 AGM with complimentary food, drinks, and prizes - WIN an iPad, gift cards, books, or clothing!​

Saturday October 21

  • 12:30-1:45 Contemporary Dance (9-12) - Lesley Telford

    • Lesley Telford encourages dancers to dig into real moments in their own lives to source movement from their own stories. When this happens it’s not just movement. They are reliving it.  This class will explore contemporary techniques, movement exploration and improvisation. Using creative approaches to enhance technique and improve skill level. Be prepared to move.
    • Lesley Telford is presently based in Vancouver, Canada as choreographer and director of Inverso Productions as well as directing the Performance Research Project (PReP) at Arts Umbrella's Professional Dance Program. She was recently selected by Crystal Pite for the Vancouver Mayor's Arts Award 2015 as emerging artist in dance.
  • 2:15-3:30 DANCEPL3Y (K-8)​ - Mélanie G Levenberg

    • Designed for dance educators, classroom and physical education teachers, this model will help you develop physical literacy and fundamental movements skills as students explore various styles of dance and gain self-confidence in expressing themselves. During this workshop, you'll experience a playful dance class featuring the hottest Top 40 songs.

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