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Dance Lesson

About the BCDEA

The BC Dance Educators’ Association is an association of teachers dedicated to supporting and promoting quality dance education for all British Columbia students. It is a PSA (provincial specialist association) of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation. The association provides a network for dance educators at the Primary, Intermediate and Secondary levels, and provides opportunities for professional development, collaboration, awards, and grants. As a BCDEA member, you will join a network of K-12 dance educators in BC to share ideas and information and be able to participate in the annual conference that offers a variety of workshops and a valuable conference package including notes and videos from all workshops. To become a BCDEA member, you can now register online. Or, register here for the upcoming conference to be automatically registered as a BCDEA member.


Executive & Committee Members

President | Ginger Lidemark (Langley)

Vice President | Paula Johnson (Sea to Sky)

Secretary | Zoë Read (Vancouver) 

Treasurer | Allison Murphy (Burnaby)

Webmaster | Menelaine Valencia (Surrey)

Conference Chair | Kelly Barnun (Nanaimo)

Registrar | Kelly Barnun (Nanaimo)

Clinician Queen | Cynthia Miller (Vancouver)

Member at Large | Tonia Young (Vancouver)

Member at Large | Sonia Langer (Salt Spring)

Member at Large | Genna Kass (Delta)

Conference Committee

Cynthia, Kelly, & Tonia

Social Media Commitee

Paula & Menelaine

Scholarship & Teacher Grant Committee

Allison & Zoë

Zoom Connections Committee

Sonia, Genna, & Paula

*We are always looking for more members to join our executive team! Our goal is to have at least one representative from every district in BC. If you are interested in helping us help teachers please send an email to  

Group Dance
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