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Dance Performance


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  • Why should I join the BCDEA?
    The BCDEA is dedicated to supporting all K-12 teachers/dance specialists through: 1) Community Support & Teacher Collaboration 2) Professional Development & Teaching Resources 3) Scholarships & Grants
  • Who is eligable to be part of the BCDEA?
    Our association is for British Columbia Teacher's Federation (BCTF) members only. Private school dance teachers and dance studio teachers will not be eligable. However, there is another association (unrelated to the BCTF) that you may be interested in joining. See their website here: Yes, we are aware that the name of their association is identical to ours. However, we are not affiliated.
  • I want to sign-up for a website log-in but I do not remember my BCTF number. How do I retrieve it?
    The BCTF portal should prompt you to find your Member ID. Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link to your browser:
  • My website account has been disabled/blocked - what do I do?
    Website access will be granted to current BCDEA members only. All members must renew their membership with the BCDEA through the BCTF Website or the Move Your Body conference each year to maintain access. Website accounts will be blocked if memberships are not renewed. Once you have renewed your membership please, notify our president via e-mail and we will gladly reactivate your account. All your account settings should be as it were.
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