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For BCTF Teachers, the conference fee includes:

  • membership to the BC Dance Educators’ Association PSA

  • access to the members-only section of the website

  • admission to the conference, including:

    • access to recordings of all conference sessions

    • chance to win a door prize

Student teachers, retirees/EOCs/FTE<.5, subscribers (non-BCTF members), dance studio teachers, and private school teachers are welcome and encouraged to attend as well. 

Early Bird rates are applicable until October 1, 2023.

Regular rates apply until 10pm until October 19, 2023. 

For the conference schedule please see below.

Clinician details & workshop information below. 

Early Bird Rate
BCTF $100.00
NON-BCTF $120.00
Regular Rate
BCTF $125.00
NON-BCTF $140.00
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Access to
Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

via Skytrain -->
Production Station
 via Car --> 
8800 Eastlake Drive, Burnaby
(lots of parking onsite)

ANDREA DOWNIE is a SSHRC scholar, researcher, dance educator, and choreographer with 25 years of experience. She works across Canada and internationally enthusiastically sharing her passion for dance with new and experienced teachers and dancers of all ages, levels and abilities. No matter where and what she is facilitating, her approach is founded on equity-informed and evidence-based principles and practices.

Andrea is an adjunct professor in dance at University of Calgary, a founding member and Past President of Healthy Dancer Canada, and the Founding Director of EnhanceDance. She is also a Registered Provider and assessor with Safe in Dance International for the Healthy Dance Certificates, a CPD course provider for Royal Academy of Dance Canada, and an instructor of the Conditioning-with-Imagery (C-I) TrainingTM certification courses. She is a master C-I TrainingTM teacher, a certified teacher of Simonson Technique, and achieved the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate with Best Practice.

Andrea is a PhD Candidate in Kinesiology at University of Calgary where her research focuses on the intersection of dance science, somatics, and social justice in dance education and pedagogy. Her master’s research focused on motor learning and ways dance teachers can enhance dance skill learning. Visit to learn more.

CREATIVE DANCE: DISCOVERY-BASED TASKS TO GET KIDS MOVING & MAKING (K-7) This workshop will explore how discovery-based creative dance methods can be used to engage children in experiential learning and develop dance literacy.

CONTEMPORARY: ENHANCE DANCE METHOD (6-12) This holistic, multisensory, and equity-informed approach to contemporary dance integrates scientifically based principles of healthy dance practice, social somatic movement processes, and learning-centred pedagogical methods.

SIMONSON JAZZ (8-12) This workshop will introduce participants to an organic approach to jazz that prepares dancers to move in a way that is anatomically intelligent, somatically aware, and personally expressive.

MELISSA MEDALLA started dancing at the age of 13 and has competed and performed throughout North America and Europe. She has studied street dance, contemporary, ballet, jazz, and many more! She specializes in Hip Hop and Filipino cultural dance but has taught various dance styles in the lower mainland for the past 13 years. Melissa uses movement and music as a tool for community and SEL building in her classroom. Melissa has guest instructed and adjudicated for SD#36 as well as numerous school districts throughout B.C. She is thrilled to share her love for dance and help empower teachers to bring movement into their classroom!

Hip Hop Foundation for All Levels 

During this workshop, dancers will go through various hip hop foundational moves and ways to implement this into warmup, across the floor, freestyle, and choreography. Movement and choreography games will also be used to supplement learning. 

Tinikling: A Filipino Cultural Dance

Tinikling is a traditional dance from the rural areas of the Philippines. Many variations and adaptations to choreography have been made through regions, dance companies, and countries. This traditional Philippine folk dance originated during the Spanish colonial era. The dance involves at least two people beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers who step over and in between the poles in a dance. Tinikling dancing came from observing tikling birds trying to dodge traps laid out by rice farmers in the Visayan Islands. Dancers will learn the basics to the various tempo, rhythm, and steps to this high energy dance! 


Treaty 1-born SOPHIE DOW is a multidisciplinary creative, inspired by dance, music, film, collaboration and her Métis-Assiniboine + French/Ukrainian roots. An avid adventurer, Sophie exudes passions for busking, yoga and traveling on top of holding a degree in Dance Performance and Choreography from York University.

Highlights of Sophie’s Turtle Island touring journeys include choreographing and performing at Burning Man and opening ceremonies of BC’s Shambhala Music Festival, presenting a digital installation at imagineNATIVE Film & New Media Festival, and sharing dance in many rural and urban school contexts throughout the mountains and prairies. Sophie has had the great fortune of working with some of the country’s wonderful dance innovators, including Chimera Dance Theatre, Kaeja d'Dance, lemonTree Creations, adelheid’s re:research, Carol Anderson, Olivia C Davies and Jeanette Kotowich. Her unique reservoir of experience deeply impacts personal creative process.

Sophie presently fulfills roles as: a creative director of Prince Edward County’s Flight Festival, Artistic Associate of O.Dela Arts & Chimera Dance Theatre, residency coordinator at Dance West Network, fire spinner with Ember Arts Fire Society, musician with The Honeycomb Flyers, a licensed practitioner of Traditional Thai Massage and student of BreathWave, a freelance dancer/choreographer/workshop facilitator & sound designer.

Contemporary Indigenous: Listen, gather, explore the reciprocity of the circle and cycles within our stories, memories from the earth and the imprints within our own bodies. This workshop welcomes all ages to move and reflect as they embody understandings through some of the origin principles of Turtle Island.   

Participants are invited to consider what you carry in your personal bundle. What tools do you use as support when you find yourself out of balance?  Together, we’ll tour a series of teachings naturally ingrained in our bones by proxy of living and residing as human beings on this planet and particularly this land.

ANGI ALVAREZ, originally from Brazil, is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She started taking salsa lessons in 2003, and soon after she began co-instructing and performing with Dance4U Latin Dance school.

In 2008, Angi began her journey into learning the different Cuban rhythms , which led her to perform for many years with a local dance group, Estilo Cubano. She continued her passion for Cuban Salsa through instructing and promoting Cuban dance events around town. She is also a regular Latin dance instructor at the Mangos Lounge & restaurant in Vancouver.

Angi is the complete package as a dance fitness instructor. Known for her bumpin' music selections, motivating and fun personality, easy to follow choreographies, and even more impressive, her dedicated commitment to her own growth as a dancer and instructor.

She specializes in many dance fitness formats such as Zumba, Salsa Cardio & Cardio Reggaeton alongside strength and conditioning classes.


Workshop Information

Explore timing and rhythm while building strength & speed to create a smooth dynamic movement pattern. In this highly energetic class we explore some of the roots and relatives of Salsa in Rumba, Son, Mambo, Cha-cha-chá, Conga, Afro-Cuban folkloric dance and more! With a focus on isolations; we gain strength, flexibility and articulate expression throughout the entire body, beginning with the core. We will warm up isolated body movements and learn basic salsa footwork before moving on to explore more complex rhythmic variations, stylistic embellishments and related dance styles building towards completing the class with dynamic and fun choreography.


Dance Through a Multidisciplinary Lens
Crossmaneuver was founded by KAY HUANG BARNES in 2011 as a training vehicle for young
artists to create and participate in interdisciplinary works of art. For more than a decade, CM
has seen this vision come to life as hundreds of young artists have come through our doors,
dancing, singing, moving and creating alongside us. While the development and education of young artists has been at the core of CM, a new expression began to emerge throughout  the process. In 2020, Kay formed a collective with VIRGINIA DUIVENVOORDEN named VDCM to pursue performance and digital collaborative works.
Virginia is a performing artist, choreographer and educator. She shares her artistic practice
through performance, teaching, community engaged dance and arts education. Educated in
dance  at  Arts  Umbrella and SFU,  Virginia started her performing arts career by dancing with the Karen Jamieson Dance Company and interpreting solos by choreographers Serge Bennathan and Cornelius Fischer-Credo. Virginia’s choreography and movement practice began to develop while completing a BA in dance and performance at the European Dance Development Centre.
The program in Arnhem, Netherlands has since integrated into ArtEZ University of the Arts. 
Since the beginning of the collective, VDCM has produced a variety of work including:
~ IMGX: Installation Dance and Art. A livestream and virtual event at the Presentation
House Theatre, North Vancouver in April 2021.
~ Present in Absence. A digital installation as a part of Asian Heritage Month 2021 at
Granville Island.
~ Tethered. A work comprised of three separate pieces, exploring themes of what binds
us: to ourselves, to our environment, to each other. Researched and created through
the Dance Centre and New Works, and currently being developed.

Interdisciplinary Dance Ideas: This workshop is designed to help us guide students to think and learn like artists. A balance of research and using existing knowledge helps students navigate personal awareness in a creative and cultural context of inclusion. We share new ways to approach dance practice both individually and in groups. Ideas and peer learning is welcomed as we collaborate on presenting dance ideas through a variety of lenses and disciplines. Imagery is integrated into movement through diverse disciplines language arts, film techniques and the visual arts.
-Team building - Collaboration - Diverse Expressions of Creativity 
- Connecting through relationship

- Observation and reflection skill building  - Emergent ideas for dance composition

Originally from the UK, FRANCESCA "Fran" PARMA has trained in different communities globally, including London, New York and LA. She has been teaching for over 8 years both in the UK and now Vancouver and is passionate about making dance accessible to anyone at any level. She has experience in the majority of foundational street dance styles, and has focused her training in House and Hip Hop.


She places value on the importance of street dance culture/history and foundational movement which helps to shape her choreography. Fran believes in the power of dance as a tool for personal development. She continues to train and seek knowledge in order to be a better dancer and teacher.

Recent achievements include choreography for various music videos, a commercial for Bell outside the Box, battling in Vancouver Street Dance Festival and choreographing pieces for Vancouver International Dance Festival and Main Event.

House Dance: This workshop will cover a snapshot of the history of House Dance Music & Culture as well as some of the foundational steps that have inspired the dance. We will work on groove, musicality and the freedom within these steps to explore and develop your own freestyle.

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