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Terms of Use & Code of Conduct

The purpose of this website is to provide BCDEA members with exclusive access to teaching resources, scholarships, grants and information. By signing up for a website log-in you agree to the following terms of use and code of conduct.

  • Website access will be granted to current BCDEA members only. All members must renew their membership with the BCDEA through the BCTF Website or the Move Your Body conference each year to maintain access. Website accounts will be blocked if memberships are not renewed. 

  • Teachers with access to our website must be willing to "take one and give one." We encourage our members to engage with the resource pages and apply it in their practice. These resources are free and provided by our community of teachers. By signing up for a website log-in, you agree to contribute resources and add to our collection as well. 

  • Teachers with access to our website must maintain a supportive collaborative environment. There is a zero tolerance policy for cypher bullying and hateful comments on our threads. Please keep all discourse professional.  


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